Hybrid event series for tiny concerts, performed in different pharmacies in Vienna during night time.

The first Nachtapothekenkonzert was produced 2016 in the St Charles Apotheke by Verein Rundum supported by Magika and gruener.li

At the moment we are still working on dates and bookings for this and next year. We will publish more info as soon as possible!

︎ Please also read the following important infos and covid rules:

The event can only be visited under all Covid19 protective measures valid on the day of the event. We will check these at the entrance and may refuse entry if necessary.

Please avoid any rubbish! We working with eco event standards and donate trees for climate justice. Please refrain from photos and videos.

Nachtapothekenkonzert 2022

︎ TBA
︎ More details you can find on the old facebook event.