In Kürze erscheint Curawakas zweites und lang erwartetes Album “Dreamtime”. Die gleichnamige Tour bringt sie nach Lateinamerika und Europa. Wir freuen uns sehr, die Band Ende September für ihre Wien-Premiere zu empfangen!

Curawaka is launching their second and long awaited album “Dreamtime”, and are traveling around Latin America and Europe this year. We are very excited to welcome the band for their Vienna premiere in Vienna end of September!

Anna Bariyani (Norway) - vocals, guitar, hand drum, world stick
Tavo Vazquez (Argentina) - charango, flutes
Alberto Arroyo (Mexico) - guitars, bass, mandolin
Ramiro Scalzi (Chile) - guest percussionist
Dario Santamaria Romero (Mexico) - flute

“Dreamtime” erzählt die Geschichte der Seelenreise durch das raue Erdendasein und unser himmlisches Jenseits. Mit ihrer exquisiten und einzigartigen musikalischen Handwerkskunst weben Curawaka einen magischen Wandteppich aus Melodien und Weltmusikrhythmen.

Dreamtime tells the story of the souls journey rough earthly existence and our heavenly beyond. With their exquisite and unique musical craftsmanship, Curawaka weaves a magical tapestry through sound and soul, with stitches of world root rhythms and celestial melodies, through fabrics of waking and dreaming reality, with visions of hope and union, with the core prayer of a sacred world rising.

Dreamtime Tour

Live on Stage in Vienna

D) Rear €34 (Row 7-10)
C) Middle €47 (Row 4-6)
B) Front €68 (Row 2-3)
A) Premium €74 (Row 1)

Family discount: Free for children <3 years, 20% for children until 7 years
Wheelchair access: You will need some help to get into the location, so: your 2nd ticket is free of charge!
Volunteer: Support us on the concert in exchange for a ticket! 

︎︎︎get in touch:

︎ 26.09.2023, 20:00
︎Lorely Saal
Penzinger Str. 72, 1140 Wien
(only 2 minutes walk from U4 Hitzing)

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︎ Please refrain from photos and videos. No liability is taken for wardrobe. No alcohol or meat served. Event subject to change.