We are preparing a beautiful evening of sounds and music. And very much look forward having Ayla Schafer in Austria again for the closing concert of her “Honour The Water Tour 2023”. Guest: David Mages

'A special part of this evening will be gathering with shared intention to Honour the Water. The Waters of this Earth that give and sustain all life, the waters of life that flow within us and the deep waters of our emotions and inner world. Together we will offer our prayers to the Water; to celebrate, listen, praise, grieve, honour and remember what is truly sacred. With our voices, dance, prayers and hearts we can consciously connect and open up to remember our place within the web of life. Honouring the water
is to honour ALL of life'.

Ayla is a multi-lingual “world-folk” singer-songwriter from UK and a visionary musical artist, weaving together a stunning repertoire of original poetic songs with traditional and tribal music. Gigging from the age of 16, she became known across the festival scene in Europa and travelling many years in South America. In addition to her music, she works with organizations that protect the Amazon rainforest. In the area of "Activism" she is active with the "Music Plants Trees" campaign. 50 cents per ticket will be donated.

︎ Please also read the following important infos and covid rules: The event can only be visited under all Covid19 protective measures valid on the day of the event. No alcohol or meat served. Please refrain from photos and videos. No liability is taken for wardrobe. Event subject to change.

Ayla Schafer
Live in Vienna - Honour The Water Tour 2023

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D) Rear €34 (Row 7-10)
C) Middle €47 (Row 4-6)
B) Front €68 (Row 2-3)
A) Premium €74 (Row 1)
*including €0,5 euro per ticket for "Music Plants Trees" and all taxes; ticketing and payment fees not included.
︎ 02.05.2023, 18:00
︎Lorely Saal Penzinger Str. 72, 1140 Wien (only 2 minutes walk from U4 Hitzing)

︎ More details you can find on www.aylaschafer.co.uk

*Please contact us, if you are in a financial bottleneck.